Project ZAZABOR: Trekking and Night Camping at Nakkati Hill Bongaigaon

Good news for all nature lovers and hikers. Bongaigaon District Administration launched Project ZAZABOR to promote eco-tourism in Bongaigaon.

Project ZAZABOR: A Tryst With The The Best Of  Nakkati Hill Bongaigaon

Nakkati Hill, Bongaigaon

The Nakkati hill is situated at height of 2000 ft 
(approx) from ground level in the Bongaigaon district near Dewangaon and Rabha Para village.

Its cut-nose-shape edge is closely compared to the famous McAffee Knob (Verginia) of USA.

With its stunning natural beauty, breathtaking view of the surrounding valley, village and mountains that has become a popular place for nature lovers and trekkers.

There comes a point to cross the Tuniya River that flows by the Nakkati's side. After that, one has to be ready to climb a rocky terrain full of dense forest of about 1200- 1500 meters to reach the peak.

Therefore, Bongaigaon District Administration has taken an initiative in the name of "Project ZAZABOR" to set-up overnight camp at Nakkati hill, so that hikers can relax to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings.⁣

Initiation of Project ZAZABOR

As per the part of Project ZAZABOR, a eco-tourism camp site will begin at Nakkati Hills from 15th February, 2021.Initially, a total no. of 4 camps with capacity of 3 persons per camp are installed.

Camping Charge

Camping cost per day per camp will be 500/- rupees for 3 persons.

Facilities of Project ZAZABOR

Project ZAZABOR will provide-

1. Hike up to the Nakkati peak.
2. Night camping.
3. Cultural night.
4. Tasty local food.
5. Village tour.

Important contact nos.

Control room- +91- 70867-93507
Jasnoor Alam- +91- 88766-01227
Ms. Tina Ali- +91-76380-92854

For further queries one can contact at

Link for Pre-booking

Meanwhile, District Administration has started the pre-booking facility for camping. One can pre-book his/her camp through the link below-

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