What is Starlink Internet? All about Elon Musk's Starlink Project

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Starlink is a project of an American private company named SpaceX. It is a collection of satellites that organize in a proper formation which may be called mega Constellation as they may include 12,000 satellites orbiting the earth. The main point about this project is that satellites orbit very close to earth around 340 miles (550Kms). Low enough altitude to pulled down those satellites by earth’s atmospheric drag 1 to 5 years, so that they don’t become space junk when the satellite becomes nonoperational.

all about the Starlink Internet

In total, about 12,000 satellites will be deployed by the mid-2020s, with a possible later extension to 42,000. Each satellite weighs approximately 260kg and features a compact, flat-panel design that minimizes volume allowing for a dense launch stack to take full advantage of the launch capabilities of Falcon 9 rocket. There will be Constellation Design consists of different Orbit Shells with a different number of satellites.

Each satellite will keep tracking of other related or satellite. There will be a well-defined networking algorithm that would be followed to point the satellite. It will be orbiting very close to earth 550Kms which shorts the satellite communication distance which results in a decrease in latency time. In spite of the decrease in latency time it also decreases coverage area due to the low altitude of the orbiting satellites, this is why large no. of satellites are needed. The traditional satellite has great coverage due to high altitude of the orbit roughly 36,000 Kms but they have high latency time.

As a matter of fact I let you know that according to Wikipedia, till now only 8900 satellites have been launched. Out of which 2218 satellites are currently orbiting. You can imagine Starlink itself will break all the records if it sends those 12,000 satellites into space.

The Purpose of Starlink Project:

The main purpose behind the project is to raise funds for Mars exploration and Colonization. Elon Musk with his SpaceX wants to help humanity settle Mars (Red Planet) with a vision of making life multi-planetary.

Musk already said – “We think this is a key stepping stone towards establishing a self-sustaining city on Mars and a base on the moon”. FCC has already Authorizes SpaceX to Provide Broadband Satellite Services and approved the deployment of 4,425 satellites for the provision of fixed-satellite service (FSS) around the world.

Features of Starlink Satellites:

These satellites have weigh around 260kg and feature a compact, flat-panel design which reduces volume.

These satellites have 4 powerful antennas, an enormous amount of throughput can be placed and redirected in a short time, for an order of magnitude lower cost.
Singular Solar Panel Array

all about the Starlink Internet

Starlink satellites have a single solar array is simplifying the system. Solar cells used in this are standardized, and easy to integrate into the manufacturing process.
Ion Propulsion Systems

This is one of the main features of these satellites. These satellites are equipped with efficient ion thrusters which are powered by krypton (Kr) that enables the satellite to orbit raise, maneuver in space and deorbit at the end of their usual life. This is a first Krypton propelled spacecraft ever flown, as stated on the Starlink website.
Equipped With Star Tracker

Satellites have custom-built-in-house navigation sensors that tell each satellite its altitude, which helps in enabling precision placement of broadband throughput.
Autonomous Collision Avoidance System

These satellites utilize input from the Defense’s debris tracking system to autonomously perform maneuvers (a movement or series of moves requiring skill and care) to avoid collision with other spacecraft and space debris. Space Debris is a non-functional artificial material that exists in the earth’s orbit. This capability of the satellite reduces human errors allowing for a more reliable approach to collision avoidance.

How Starlink will work?

It is a SpaceX project which is a so-called mega constellation of thousands of satellites that will be orbiting very close to the earth 550km at some fix different orbiting shells. Each satellite is beaming internet coverage to the surface below. 4425 satellite permission is already granted from FCC out of which about 1261 active satellites are already deployed. Total estimated satellites need to have full coverage is around 42,000 satellites.

all about the Starlink Internet

How fast will Starlink Internet be?

The company promises about 1 gigabit per second or about top speed provided by cable and fiber companies today. In initial beta testing people are measuring download speed around 40Mbps and Upload Speed about 15Mbps in northern part of United States.
Starlink Internet vs 5G?

A normal user uses streaming services like Netflix, Twitch, and YouTube, etc. which 4G is enough capacity to serve. 5G technology is 100 times faster than an existing 4G network, but currently, we don’t have speed problems over the 4G network rather we have coverage issues. Starlink is promising to provide great coverage of internet broadband to anywhere on earth. This is what we need right now. 

When will Starlink Internet be available ?

Most probably it will be available once 6 to 7 batches of satellites goes to orbit. By end of 2021 or beginning of 2022 you may expect this services.

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