Zubeen Garg got inked to let the positive vibes flow in and keep his morale high

Bongaigaon Times: Guwahati: 15.09.2020
Credit: ND24

Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has changed our lives. The deadly virus has turned our daily schedule topsy-turvy – personal and professional.

Apart from following Covid-19 preventive protocols, staying positive and motivated has become a daily challenge for most of us.

zubeen got inked tattoo

People across the globe are picking up a new hobby, going back to old passions to keep negativity at bay.

In such trying times, Assamese heartthrob singer Zubeen Garg got inked to let the positive vibes flow in and keep his morale high.

The singer got inked on both his arms this recently. He also shared photographs of the tattoos on social media platforms.

On his left shoulder, Zubeen has a tattoo of Lord Shiva, while on the right shoulder he got a tattoo of the iconic British comic actor, Charlie Chaplin.

Living up to his ‘never say die’ attitude, the singer also got a motivational quote inked alongside the Chaplin’s tattoo. The singer inked the phrase – ‘I can fall but never fail’.

Flaunting his tattoos, Zubeen wrote on Facebook, “New tattoos to fight corona.”

Zubeen’s father, father-in-law and mother-in-law recently tested positive for Covid-19.

The singer was one of the strongest voices in the protest against the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act in Assam.

However, he faced the wrath of a section of the public after he expressed his willingness to become the ambassador of agriculture in the State.

Source: ND24

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